Hello there!

This is example application using Kdyby components where you can get help with using Kdyby components!

We can preferably write in english, nebo když nerozumíte anglicky i čeština je v pořádku.

The code highligh should work as you're used to from Nette Forum

$var = "php";
$var = "php";

or Github

$var = "php";
$var = "php";

It's powered by Texy! on a bit of steroids and FSHL.

You can expect public repository in matter of days now. I just need to finish basic functionality :)

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  • wow! much insight, such comments!

    by Filip Procházka at 4.7.2014 2:55

Missing source link

After I finish all the basic functionality, I will publish the repo.

Nice work!

Hello, just one thing. There is original favicon.ico from nette sandbox and it seems that feedly checker for chrome (https://chrome.google.com/…cnlmocmlnffb) is using it.

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  • I'm not sure how to fix that, but I'll try to solve it.

    by Filip Procházka at 18.7.2014 16:13
  • Just delete favicon.ico in www root :-) Or better – change it to be same as on web

    by Jan Langer at 18.7.2014 23:26
  • Yep, change would be nice :-) And maybe order of comments? But it's just a question..

    by David Kudera at 19.7.2014 9:12

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