Hello, I have one question about annotation syntax in Kdyby/AOP: when we can use method(Nette\Application\UI\Presenter->[render|action|handle]*()) is also possible to use method(Nette\Application\UI\[ProfilePresenter|HomepagePresenter]->[render|action|handle]*()) for more presenters in one Row? And if not, can I use more rows in one annotation for one method in Acpect?

Thanks for answers.

Nope, but you should be able to give them “marker interface” and use that to apply aspects on all of the marked presenters.

Marker Interface? You mean creating interface which will be implemented by Presenters I want to trigger and in Aspect annotation will be something like method(Nette\Application\UI\AOPInterface->[render|action|handle]*()) ? Thanks, that is great idea.

Sure, but do not put it into Nette\Application\UI namespace, and in fact, do not put it anywhere in Nette namespace, make your own namespace :)

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