I can only click „solved“ on my posts, than this post get on top of topic, so chronological order is broken and also, when I didn't solve the topic, but you do, I couldn't mark your post as solved.

Little confused of that feature :) My thank post is on the top and green.

Fixed, try it now :)

The point of marking an answer as solution is to make it available at the top, so you don't have to look for it. Maybe button for sorting and/or displaying it on the original “place in time” and at the top would be good? Stackoverflow also changes the order based on quality of the answer.

super, now i can set, which post solved my issue.

Stack also do it, true, but it also have comment to post and posts itself… This forum seems little different, there is some (chronological) order and no other branches and you just remove one post from it.

maybe you can just copy solving post on the top, and let the original order be as is (so duplicate it, when the solving post is not at the first place?) or just color differentiation…

I tried only changing the color at first, but I didn't like that you still have to search for the answer in the thread.

Voting on individual posts is in todo. And maybe I could also add “short replies” :) I'll have to think about it.

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