I came across a problem when mocking Doctrine entities. All is fine until I want to assign custom Id to the entity (Id is inherited from the Identifier trait, Entity extends BaseEntity). Is there a satisfying way to do this?

Mockista doesn't seem to be able to mock __set() and __get() methods.

The getId() method has to be final, because otherwise the proxy would wrap it and even tho every proxy has always it's ID, simple call of $entity->getId() would initialize the entity.

If you really need to mock the entity, you're better of setting the value with reflection directly to the property.

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  • Yeah, seems like there is no other way. Thanks for the answer! :)

    by Filip Klimeš at 23.1.2015 0:00
  • Actually Filip this might not be correct anymore. Doctrine now generates this code for non-final getId method: http://pastebin.com/FagykrWX

    by Jáchym Toušek at 5.2.2015 19:32

You can try Mockery for mocking. It should be able to mock all methods including final, private etc. It is more powerful then Mockista in many ways by my experience.

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